Fruto Panorama

Cala Vento

Ref: BC.305
Release date : 19 de Febrero 2017
Format: CD, LP

We have seen things grow, but only some leave you breathless. With Cala Vento’s debut album they proved they were capable of a lot, with very little. Now, they return to yet again join the miracle of the infinitesimal with the gift of their enormity, result- ing in this second album named Fruto Panorama, a strange conjunction of conse- quence and condition.

After touring from Caceres to Austin and discovering a world of possibilities with their first album, Joan Delgado Massot and Aleix Turon Vilagran have again invoked emotions and adventures, changing them into blazing melodic constructions. And so, the flames climb up the mast, burn the mic and explode against the cymbals. Vital signs keep levelled, but there is something different, a turn in pulse, other rhythms and other flavours. Produced by Eric Fuentes (who has gone from primor- dial advisor to become an essential key element) for second time running, the duo have experienced with new subterranean paths, taking them to reach new peaks of expressivity.

Under the basic premise of honesty, Fruto Panorama includes songs capable of thickness and light-heartedness, songs that never spare or waste. In this gorge of compulsive beats and sharp chords you’ll find euphoria as well as shadows. With their acid verses and culminating chorus’, Cala Vento push us to sing their secrets, to repeat the ironic twisted rhymes, and when rhymes aren’t found, you howl.

Fruto Panorama is not a concept album, it is an accurate shot, eleven astounding blasts. All those optimal stories about islands, woods and deserts, about moments and spites that run of in a BlaBla car, all resolved with intense riffs and finger- picking that whisper before the building distortion. In a game of tensions, Cala Vento practice a naked romanticism, they can pull your clothes of from the start or undress you slowly and delicately.

Aleix and Joan still make songs out of their contradictions. You can listen to them from the darkest corner of the dance floor or climbing the highest wave of your life. Whichever way, the landscape will expand before you with perspective and you will jump into their depths with a cocky smile.