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You can send your demos (we prefer links) to: bcore@bcoredisc.com

Editorial, Publishing

Send demos for our publishing department to:

More info on synchs here:


Manager, A&R, Licences and Publishing

Jordi Llansamà
Tel. 93 419 78 83
A&R, Licences and Publishing

Contact Jordi for enquiries on using our songs for Audiovisual Productions, Television, Internet or any Author Rights issue.


PR and Booking

Louise Sansom
Tel. 93 419 78 83

Contact Louise if you want to interview a band, are interested in booking a band for your concert or festival or if you simply need any of our bands promotional material (albums, video clips, bios, etc.).


Online Shop and Orders, Mail Order

Albert Cheong
Tel. 93 419 78 83

Contact Albert for information on buying our labels albums or any of the other stuff we distribute online at BCStore. We exchange and sale online for other labels.


Store and BCstore

Eric Fuentes
Tel. 93 419 78 83

Erics in charge of orders and distribution of our labels albums to other stores. He is also the nice guy at our physical BCStore.

Address and Physical Store

C/ Montmany, 25
08012 Barcelona
Tel. 93 419 78 83

Opening Times

Monday to Friday
From 10:00h to 14:00h and 15:30h to 20:00h.