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BCore Disc is one of the key reference record labels of Spanish independent music. Founded in 1990 in Barcelona and influenced, in the beginning, by the hardcore and punk 80’s scene, the label has managed to carry on their DIY premise for more than 25 years. Inspired by American labels like Dischord, SST or Touch and Go!, BCore has focused on indie rock and other music tendencies from the Barcelona and Spain underground movement. The label currently covers a number of genres that go from punk, hardcore and surf to pop, folk, rock and instrumentals.

The labels activity has always been based on discovering interesting local bands and releasing their first records. Bands that, thanks to their creativity and quality, have later had an international impact -such as Delorean, Aries, Aina, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Standstill, Coconot (El Guincho’s previous band), Suzy & los Quattro, The Unfinished Sympathy (the first Spanish band to record a BBC Peel Session), Jupiter Lion, It’s Not Not… With good reason these bands have toured most of the world and have published albums in a number of countries (Germany, France, USA, Japan, etc.).

BCore has also worked with renown international bands and artists like Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate), Damien Jurado, June of 44, The Dismemberment Plan, Fireside, Starmarket, Kepone, NRA, Bluetip or Juno, by publishing/licensing some of their references in their catalogue. In their PR role, they managed to bring bands like Green Day, At the Drive-In, June of 44, Karate, Samiam, The Promise Ring, Hot Water Music and Les Savy Fav to Barcelona for the very first time in the 90’s and before these bands even became famous.

Currently, BCore works with bands that have Spanish and European acceptance (Betunizer, Penny Cocks, Jupiter Lion, Anímic, No More Lies, Los Retrovisores, Bullitt, Cuello, Familea Miranda, Wild Animals etc.). Other recognised bands that sing in Spanish or Catalan and have a great impact on the Spanish market and press (Joan Colomo, Nueva Vulcano, The New Raemon, Eric Fuentes, Alberto Montero etc.) or emerging bands like Cálido Home, Cala Vento, Futuro Terror or Power Burkas, who have already won over both audience and press. BCore is also focused on reissuing albums by classic Spanish punk/hardcore bands like Eskorbuto, HHH, Kangrena and L’Odi Social.

Today, the label has grown in size, creating a small, but strong, independent scene in Spain and is gaining popularity in the rest of Europe, the U.S., and even in countries like Japan and Australia. If you want to get to know the label, check out our Bandcamp and enjoy part of our uploaded catalogue