‘Bala de Plata’ by Los Tiki Phantoms to be the new theme song of MTV Alaska & Mario Reality Show

Band Los Tiki Phantoms
Song Title Bala de Plata
Media Theme song for reality Show: Alaska & Mario
Production Company MTV
Country Spain

More info: http://www.mtv.es/programas/alaska-mario-tercera-temporada/

Animic, Los Tiki Phantoms and several other BCore bands in the TV3 series ‘Pop Rápid’

Band Animic, Los Tiki Phantoms and many more
Song Title Several
Media TV Series: Pop Ràpid
Production Company Cassette Films
Country Spain

More info: http://www.tv3.cat/pop-rapid/la-serie

Bullitt and Los Tiki Phantoms chosen for the ‘Bands’ video game on Facebook

Band Bullitt and Los Tiki Phantoms
Song Title Album
Media Videogame:Bands
Production Company Newtracks
Country Germany

More info: http://newtracks.biz/?page_id=40

Capsula on the Element European Final Video

Band Capsula
Song Title Hit ‘n’ Miss
Media Promotional Video: Element make It Count Intl Contest
Company Element
Country Spain

More info: http://http://www.elementbrand.com/makeitcount/

Coconot in the Bits Matutano Campaign

Band – Coconot
Song Title – Garantía de Puntualidad
Media – Commercial Ad: Bits Matutano
Company – Matutano
Country – Spain

More info: http://www.pepsico.es/brands/matutano/

Eh! in the Mecal Festival Spot

Band Eh!
Song Title Baila Conmigo
Production Company Petragarmon / Agency Snoop
Country Spain

More info: http://www.mecalbcn.org

Horses Mane by Anímic opens up short-film Nen Amagat

Band Animic
Production Company Snoop Barcelona
Country Spain

Joan Colomo creates the music for the new Longchamp ad!

Band Joan Colomo
Production Company Splendens Factory & The Boat
Country Spain

Joan Colomo in the new Estrella Damm Ad!

Band Joan Colomo
Song Title Màgic
Production Company Estrella Damm
Country Spain

More info: http://www.estrelladamm.com

La Célula Durmiente on the «Puzzled Love» film soundtrack

Band La Célula Durmiente
Song Title Party of Love
Media Film: Puzzeled Love
Production Company Escandalo Films
Country Spain

More info: http://www.escandalofilms.es/es/

Linn Youki placed in the renowned TV series ‘Polseres Vermelles’

Band Linn Youki
Song Title Eres
Media TV Series: Polseres Vermelles (TV3 and Antena3)
Production Company Filmax
Country Spain

More info: http://www.antena3.com/series/pulseras-rojas/

Los Tiki Phantoms and four more BCore bands on the ‘Los Inocentes’ Film Soundtrack

Band Los Tiki Phantoms, Fuckin’ Bollocks, Salvaje Montoya and Tokyo Sex Destruction
Media Film: Los Inocentes
Production Company Escac Films
Country Spain

More info: http://losinocenteslapelicula.com

Los Tiki Phantoms to create the soundtrack for the animated film ‘Papa Soy Una Zombie’

Band Los Tiki Phantoms
Song Title Papá Soy Una Zombie
Media Film: Papá Soy Una Zombie
Production Company Abra Prod and Digital Dreams Films
Country Spain

More info: http://papasoyunazombi.com

Oniric on the new Street One 2013 Collection Ad

Band Oniric
Song Title Wild Girl
Media Promotion video / Advertisement: Street One Collection 2013
Production Company Schmidt de Donno
Country Hungary

more info: http://www.street-one.de

Pupille in the Festa Comerç Just Advert

Band – Pupille
Song Title – ‘Marcha II. Apartheid Mental’
Media – Commercial Ad: Comerç Just
Production Company – Run
Country – Spain

More info: http://festacjib.wordpress.com

The New Raemon and Salvaje Montoya on the ‘Gente Honrada’ Film Soundtrack

Band – The New Raemon and Salvaje Montoya
Song Title – ‘La Mesa Redonda’ and ‘Secreto’
Media – Film: Gente Honrada
Production Company – El Terrat
Country – Spain

More info: http://www.elterrat.com/?rg=sc61

Tokyo Sex Destruction for PVS

Band Tokyo Sex Destruction
Song Title Dope and Love
Production Company PVS Company
Country France

More info: http://www.pvscompany.com

Tokyo Sex Destruction on the NBC ‘Friday Night Lights’ TV series

Band Tokyo Sex Destruction
Song Title You Gotta Do It
Media TV Series: Friday Night Lights S1E08
Production Company NBC UNIVERSAL
Country USA

more info: www.squidoo.com/fridaynightlightsmusic

Tokyo Sex Destruction star in the new Volkswagon Multivan commercial

Band – Tokyo Sex Destruction
Song Title – (Get Your Kicks) Route 66
Media – Commercial Ad: Volkswagon Multivan
Production Company – Volkswagon
Country – Spain

Various TV3 series to use BCore’s music

Band Various
Song Title Various
Media TV Series: La Riera, Infidels and KMM3
Production Company TV3 and Diagonal TV
Country Spain

More info: http://www.diagonaltv.es/kubala-moreno-i-manchon/