BCore Disc Licensing

BCore Disc is one of the most important independent labels in Spain.
After 25 years of experience we have taken yet another step forward and jumped into the world of licensing, a world we think we fit in to perfectly thanks to the quality of our music, real bands with real music.

You can check out some of our placements by clicking on our placement tag above or here, but just to give you a quick idea here are some of the companies we have worked with: MTV, Filmax, NBC Universal, Volkswagon, Element, Rip Curl, Matutano, NewTracks, Tv3, Antena3 Tv, Crampton, El Terrat and many others.

What can we can offer you:

· Pre-Cleared, hassle-free music from some of the most well known bands in Spain.
· We control the master and synch rights to all our catalogue.
· Instrumental versions of all our latest releases.
· Our genres go from Post Rock, Indie, Hard-core or Electronica to Folk, Metal, Dream Pop or Punk.
· We offer quality music for all types of budgets.

(0034) 93419 7883