AINA Jawbox, Bluetip, AC/DC, Jawbreaker, Queens of the Stone Age Indie Rock, Rock
ALBERTO MONTERO The Incredible String Band, Robert Wyatt, The Shins or Love Indie, Folk, Mediterranean, Jazz, Instrumental Version
ALDRIN Y COLLINS Sunny Day Real Estate, Nada SUrf, Los Planetas Rock, indie rock, hardcore
ANIMIC Portishead, The XX, Beach House, Einstürzende Neubaten Dark Pop, Pop, Dream Pop, Folk Pop, Instrumental Version
ARIES Brian Wilson, Os Mutante, The Zombies Dream Pop, Pop, Indie Pop, Instrumental Version
AUTODESTRUCCIÓ NOFX, RKL, Lag Wagon Punk, Melodic hardcore
BAD MONGOS Stooges, Dead Boys, Turbonegro Rock, hardcore
BETUNIZER Drive Like Jehu, Don Caballero, Minutemen Noise Rock, Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Instrumental Version
BRIGHTON 64 The Jam, The Kinks or The Who Mod, Pop, Instrumental Version
BULLIT Foo fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Big Drill Car,… Indie Rock, Melodic Hardcore, Instrumental Version
BISCUIT The Whos, The Kinks Garage, Rock
CALA VENTO Japandroids, Los Planetas, Nueva Vulcano Indie, Rock
CALIDO HOME Damien Jurado, Laura Marling, Feist, Jose González Folk, Folk Pop, Indie Pop, Instrumental Version
CAPSULA The Stooges, Sonic Youth, The velvet Underground, The Cramps. Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelia
CARONTTE Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Isis, Neurosis Post Rock, Rock, Instrumental
CHALLENGER Pavement, Hot Snakes, Superchunk Indie Rock, Hardcore, ’90 Punk
CHARADES The Apples In Stereo, The Shangri-las Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
COCONOT El Guincho, Vampire Weekend, and Animal Collective Indie Electronica, Tropicalism
CUELLO Superchunk, Hüsker Dü Indie Rock, Rock
CUZO Goblin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Hawkwind Instrumental, Rock, Psychedelia
CRIM Leatherface, Social Distortion, Cock Sparrer Punk, Punkrock
DELOREAN Bloc Party, The Faint, The Rapture Electronica, Indie Rock
DEMUERTE Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers Electronica, Experimental Rock, Rock
DIOLA Animal Collective, Drive like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Battles Experimental Rock, synths, latino
DOSS Sonic Youth, Engine Down. Post Rock, Dark Wave,
DULCE PAJARA DE JUVENTUD Deerhunter, Arcade Fire or Fang Island Indie Rock, Rock, psychedelia, Instrumental Version
EH!  Tortoise meets Lalo Schifrin. Experimental Jazz, Score, Instrumental, Cinematic
ELORA Dinarama, A Flock of Seagles, Visage Indie Rock, Noise, Shoegaze
ELVIRA Bon Iver or Akron family. Indie Folk, Indie pop
ENCONO Big Business, Fugazi, Lisabö, Young Widows. Post hardcore, Hardcore, Postrock,
ERIC FUENTES John Cage, Prefab Sprout or a hardcore Robert Wyatt, Style Council Pop, Rock, Instrumental Version
ESTRATEGIA LO CAPTO! Sci-fi B-Movies or Horror Cartoon Experimental, Rock
FAMILEA MIRANDA Fugazi, Shellac, No means no Experimental, Rock
FANNY ROZ Camille, París Combos or Ange Garbarek Jazz, Chanson
FLYINGPIGMATANZA The Cure, Tears for Fears Indie Punk, indie Pop
FUCKIN’ BOLLOCKS Black Lips,The Black Keys Garage, Rock, Instrumental Version
FUTURO TERROR Wipers, Parálisis Permanente Rock, Punk, Pop
G.A.S DRUMMERS Against Me!, Gas Light Anthem Indie Rock, Punk
GIGANTO KARP, Breach, Nomeansno, Queens of The Stone Age, Hammerhead, Melvins Intense rock, punkrock
G R E U S Sabbath, Melvins, Celtic Frost Doom sludge postcore, Punk
HALF FOOT OUTSIDE Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr, Weezer Rock, Indie Rock, Punk Rock
HANNUMAN Russian Circles or Pelican Instrumental, Post Rock, Rock
IT’S NOT NOT Hot Hot Heat, Les Savy Fav, Liars Punk Dance, Dance
JAIME L. PANTALEÓN Julio Iglesias, José Feliciano, Calexico, Pink Floyd, Nick Drake Latin, Mediterranean, Romantic, Ballad, 70’s Psychedelia
JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT Guided by Voices, Death cab for cutie, The Promise Ring Indie Rock, Rock, Punk
JOAN COLOMO Josh Roush, Devendra Barnhart Indie Pop, Instrumental Version
JUPITER LION Holy Fuck Krautrock, Electronica, Instrumental
LA CELULA DURMIENTE Nadasurf, The Libertines, Calexico. Indie Rock, Indie pop-Rock
LAVODRAMA Retisonic, Kepone, Bluetip, Kerosene 454 Punk Rock, Hardcore
LES PHILIPPES The Smithereens, The Dream Syndicate, The Beatles. Classic Pop, Pop
LLACUNA Oliver Houston, Sport, Mom Jeans, Macseal, Dogs On Acid, Gulfer. Punk, Punk Pop
LINN YOUKI Tortoise, Sonic Youth, Air. Electronica, Indie Rock, Indietronica, Dance
LOS RETROVISORES Los Salvajes YeYe, Sixties, Mod, Pop
LOS TIKI PHANTOMS Shadows, Straitjackets. Surf, Instrumental, Indie Rock
LOST TAPES Chapterhouse, Slowdive, Jesus & the Mary Chain. Alternative indie, shoegaze, dream pop
MADEE Teenage Fanclub, Elliot Smith, Sunny Day Real Estate or even Neil Young. Indie Rock, Indie Pop
MAPLE Rainer Maria, Portishead, Massive Attack Emo, Rock
MARGARITA Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective Experimental, Tropicalism, Rock
MÄLMO Sigur Ros, Mum Intergalactic Pop, Pop, Electronica
MATAGALLS Calexico, Tom Waits, The Pogues Folk-rock, roots, pub rock
MARIA RODÉS, RAMON RODRIGUEZ I MARTÍ SALES Alela Diane, Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Instrumental Version
MARIA RODÉS Laura Gibson, Juana Molina or Alela Diane Indie Folk, Pop Folk, Instrumental Version
MOKSHA Entombed, His Hero is Gone, Sepultura, High On Fire… Metal, Hardcore
MUY FELLINI The Jayhawks or The Posies. Rock, Folk Pop
MURNAU Sonic Youth, Mars, Unwound Noise-rock, experimental
NISEI Fugazi, Shellac, Mogwai or Slint Postcore, Dub, Postcore, Indie Rock
NO MORE LIES Hoover, Today is the Day. Hardcore, Punk Rock
NUEVA VULCANO Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Superchunk Alternative, Indie Rock, Post Hardcore
NUMERO Pearl Jam or Soundgarden Post Hardcore, Indie, Post Rock
ONIRIC Juana Molina or Marissa Nadler Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Dream Folk
OSO The Decemberists, Iron and Wine or Fleet Foxes Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Country
PENNYCOCKS SLF, Undertones, Buzzcocks Punk, Classic Punk, Mod Revivial
PERSONA Foo Fighters, Kepone, Hüsker Dü or Fugazi Rock, Grunge
POWER BURKAS Sonics, Jawbox, Surfing Sirles Indie Punk, Punk, Rock
PRATS Indie Pop, Instrumental Version
PUPILLE Tortoise, God Speed You! Black Emperor Post Rock, Rock
QUALUDE Slint or Shipping News. Indie Rock, Experimental, Post Rock
RIPPERS Social Distortion, New Bomb Turks Punk Rock, Instrumental Version
RUNA Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Second Empire Justice Punk, Post Punk
SALVAJE MONTOYA The Sonics, The Cramps, Los Peyotes Latin Rock, Garage, Surf, Latin, Instrumental version
SANDRÉ CCCP, The B ‘52, Le Tigre, Ty Segall, The Fall, Nina Hagen, The Cigarrettes, Talking Heads Punk, punk rock
SHANTY RD Girls Against Boys, Dismemberment Plan. Experimental Punk Rock
SIBYL VANE The Breeders, The Pixies, Le Tigre, Sleater Kinney Indie Pop, Indie Punk, Pop Punk, Riot Girl
STANDSTILL At The Drive in, Refused Screamo, Experimental Rock
SUZY & LOS QUATTRO Blondie, Ramones, The Barracudas. Sixties, Soul Punk, Punk Rock
SYBERIA Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Isis, Neurosis Post Rock, Post Metal, Instrumental
TERCER SOL Spacemen3 Post punk, noise pop
THEE OPERATORS Fountains of Wayne, Redd Kross, The Muffs, Pixies o The Buzzcocks Indie rock, rock
THE BITE Buzzcocks, Undertones, The Jam Power Pop, Mod Revival, Punk Rock ’77
THE LIONS CONSTELLATION The Jesus and Mary Chain, Blonde Redhead and My Bloody Valentine. Shoegaze, Manchester Sound
THE MISTAKE Band of Horses, Glasvegas or Modest Mouse. Indie Rock, Emo Rock
THE NEW RAEMON Damien Rice, Iron and Wine Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Folk Rock
THE UNFINISHED SYMPATHY Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World. Indie Rock
TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION MC5, International Noise Conspiracy, The Hives, Mando Diao Punk Soul, Instrumental Version
UGATZ Shellac, Melvins, Nirvana Post hardcore, includes instrumentals
WEAK NOFX, Lagwagon, Good Riddance Punk, melodic punk rock, 90’s
WILD ANIMALS Jawbreaker, Dinosaur Jr, Megacity Four Rock, Punk, Hardcore
WOOD Faraquet, Zeidun, Biffy Clairo, Fugazi, Toe, Don Caballero, Karate, Viva Belgrado Rock, Mathrock
VISTALEGRE Nadasurf, Replacements, and The Posies. Indie Rock, Punk
VLACK Skull Boys, Rippers, Püdor Crònica. Rock, metal, Punk
XAVIER CALVET Jayhawks, Ryan Adamas, Wilco. Indie rock, country, rock
XMILK Refused, Youth of Today, and Gorilla Biscuits Hardcore, Punk
ZEIDUN The Get Up Kids, Promise Ring Emo, Indie Rock