Incendi II


– The band is formed by other bands’ already known suspects, labels and people from the Catalan underground orbit of punk.

– The band follows the melody and the dynamic wake of the current emo-punk bands such Oliver Houston, Sport, Mom Jeans, Macseal, Dogs On Acid or I Love Your Lifestyle.

– You’ll like them if you are a fan of BCore classic bands like Aina, Nueva Vulcano, the Unfinished Sympathy or Half Foot Outside.

«Incendi II» is the second part of a song divided in two and includes a chorus that is probably the best chorus we have ever composed. It has everything we can give: punk nerve, dance, a good trumpet cushion, and voice and choirs to sing enjoying, pointing with the finger up and with a beer in the other hand. A vitalist song but with no intention of calculating the future, because this capitalist system does not allow it either. There is a lot of lack of control when we get together. Having fun and burning every party is important. The letter expresses that topic that life is two days and you have to squeeze it to the fullest and, at the same time, we also want to reflect that fun is a good method to forget, even for a while, the day-to-day problems of everyeone and those of this society.