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‘NO’ is the first single from Sandre’s debut LP, a song previously released on their demo from 2018 but re-recorded with Santi García in his great Ultramarinos Costa Brava studio.

A kick in the door, a knock on the table and an urgency we had not seen for a long time. Thus we have been hooked on that gang that Rosa, Stefi, Marc and Carles form and have called Sandré, their own way of saying “cendrer” (ashtray in catalan). His fucking way of doing everything. ‘NO’ is everything Sandré is, a long list of things to hate. The I DON’T HAVE TIME for them is generational, so the rage is too.

For fans of CCCP, The B ‘52, Le Tigre, Ty Segall, The Fall, Nina Hagen, The Cigarrettes, Talking Heads.