Jupiter Lion

Ref: BC.331
Release date : 25 July, 2018
Format: LP

In 2011, the union between DJs Sais (synths, vocals and programing) and Gonzo in Vegas (drums); and Betunizers’ (as well as many other interesting projects like Orquesta del Caballo Ganador) guitarist José Guerrero on the bass guitar, meant the beginning of Jupiter Lion. Just a year later the trio released their first sound artefact, a self-titled album where the Valencian born artists transported themselves (and us) to Germanys ‘70s music universe, exploring the confines of perception and emulating krautrock prophets like Can, Neu! and electronic music’s godfather Kraftwerk.

To these influences we could also add the most lacerating postpunk, the most experimental post-hardcore and jazz, in its most freest state. Using these same precepts Jupiter Lion gave life to their second album in 2014, the excellent ‘Brighter’. Now, the band present seven new tracks, under the title ‘We Will Lose Gracefully’.

Breaking a four year creative silence, Jupiter Lion have not only followed the path started a few albums back, but they have increased the excellence of their music. With We Will Lose Gracefully, the trio begin a new hypnotic trip you never want to awake from, a lysergic adventure that gobbles you up into a sonic spiral you just cannot leave. Something like a Homeric odyssey to an unknown dimension, or a sort of close encounter that follows a “ostinato” pace.

A marvellous experimentation study that ends up overcoming any control we think we have over our sensitive experiences. An astounding catalogue of monolithic structures that starts with that suffocating shout to disobedience found in , followed by those renowned mantra like vocals that grow, like expansive waves, passing through the most tentative boundaries of sound until they explode with those last beats that closes the album under the same name that gives its title to the album.


To Be Confirmed
David (Tule) Tauler