Uomini d’onore


Ref: BC.316
Release date : Abril 2017
Format: LP

A few months after the reissue of “Do Not Tailgate” (1995) —classic album that launched the Swedish band Fireside to international success—, their next album, “Uomini D’Onore” (1997), has been remastered and reissued on vinyl. In 1997, Fireside finally released their third LP, “Uomini d’Onore”. A technically mature, multi-layered and experimental masterpiece. Today, this album may be considered as a European emo-core classic. At the time, that songs made the breeding ground for the Swedish 90’s rock wave. If you are not familiar with Fireside’s portfolio, you should allow “Uomini d’Onore” several listening passages to capture the whole range of hidden melodies and nested arrangements between sweet melancholy and frenzied dynamics. It’s worth it.