Turismo de Interior

Sibyl Vane

Ref: BC.142
Release date : 9 January, 2006
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Not many titles could be so exact: “Turismo de interior” (“Inner tourism”), second album by Sibyl Vane, offers an overwhelming mosaic of emotions that is starting to transcend the post-teenager topics of their debut “Melmelada de tomate”, and surprises us, once again, with a totally shameless sincerity. In “Turismo de interior” there’s no despair but a principle of consciousness. Sibyl Vane are growing up and coming back more rageful and smart than ever. But the big discovery in “Turismo de interior” is that its rawness doesn’t leave aside their poppiest instinct but simply increases it. Two souls, punk and pop, that live together astonishingly naturally, giving us moments of acid tenderness as in “Madre soltera” (“Single mother”).

Sibyl vane have recorded what could have been the “Piknik Caleidoscópico” (Los Negativos) of the riot generation. They can point to Sleater Kinney, The Slits, the Headcoates or Hello Cuca (also the best Hole on “Bahamas”, Jawbox on “Fecha de caducidad” and even Superchunk in many of the guitars and melodies in the album), but the important thing is that the trio from Barcelona avoids with cleverness and intelligence any revivalist temptation. Innocent, rude or romantic, we are in front of a band that maintains its transparence and makes a challenge of it. Applause.