Trae tu cara


Ref: BC.278
Release date : 9 January, 2015
Format: LP, Digital

f you still need to be introduced to Cuello it means you’ve been in Babia for thelast two years. Sorr y if I’m being to direct or if I sound a bit harsh, but it’s true.The worst thing is that you’ve been missing out on one of the most exciting bandsin the countr y. It was made clear with their over whelming debut album “Mi brazoque te sobre! (2013) And was ratified just twelve months later with their secondrelease “Modo eterno” (2014). Both albums straighten your hair and disfigureyour face, like when you stick your head out a, fast driving, car window. Twoeuphoric, inhibited albums that are choke block of per fect melodies and choruslines, lines that stick to your brain forever and make you sing like there was notomorrow. Yep, Cuello are one of those bands.Call it attitude, nineties indie rock or tough (and permanently effer vescent) pop.Call it as you wish, because they really care. They are to busy making songs forthat.Proof of this is that their third album is here, just one year after the previous one.There’s a saying here in Spain: It’s never late if the outcome is worth it, and it’strue, because “Trae tu cara” is just as amazing as the previous two albums.If, you happen to already know them, then you’ll just confirm what you suspected:That they have the secret, the potion. And that is why the eleven tracks on thealbum, again, cause addiction. Alfred Hitchcock once said that films had to startwith an earthquake and after that, carr y on going up. If this were true, the smugBritish director would be oh so ver y proud of Cuello’s third LP. When you think itcan’t grow anymore, the next song goes even further, the album is a constant,feverous crescendo that ends with “El joven” and “Obligaciones al nacer”, andonly lets the listener stop to breath at the end when the band goes into a sur-prising flamenco mode. Cuello have done it again. Three times. The unstoppable machine headed by JoseGuerrero (Betunizer, Jupiter Lion) and completed by drummer Oscar Mezquita(Derrota, Zanussi), guitarist Ubaldo Fambuena (Los Tracahombres) and bassistNick Perr y (Flipping Colors, Obleans), has elaborated an album that travels at fullspeed, but at the same time, lets you admire the landscape. The continuous pro-duction by Pablo Peiró manages to obtain muscle in the sound with out losing thespontaneity and freshness of the songs, decorated with ‘in your face’ choruslines, more than usual, but the band doesn’t need brass sections, keyboards orany other decorations to make up the material they carefully create in practicesand then take to life on stage. They don’t need it because they already havewhat’s important: Songs.


Miriam García