Todo por el bien común

Nueva Vulcano

Ref: BC.250
Release date : 11 January, 2013
Format: Single, Digital


Singles between albums are one of the most exciting stages for the band. Its one of those moments where you don’t know where your heading, even if we have been playing the same song for the last ten years. That feeling of uncertainty and innovation are, surprisingly still there. This is a sample of the new tunes we’ve been trying out these last few months in the neighbourhood of Poblenou. They play boleros in the rehearsal place next to ours on Mondays so, out of respect for the romantic classics we always get together top lay on Tuesdays and some other day of the week. You can see a sign of our ’90 classics in Mogollón (Fix Me by Doughboys and, of course, Guided By Voices) looking for rich but simple melodies. In Todo por el bien común you can see the biggest novelties in the bands whole history: a calm chorus and a final fade out, a changing structure and an historic salute to Outdoor Miner by Wire.


La Castanya
Albert Guardia