Joan Colomo

Ref: BC.289
Release date : 3 March, 2016
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Colomo has managed to achieve what so many tr y and so few attain: anunmistakable style. With his antagonistic songs, when speaking of genre,language or instrumentation, you recognise him.What invisible channel allows the tumultuous waters of his eclecticismrun madly and make all ears fall in love no matter how near or far? He hasfound the per fect combination between his melodic and melancholic uni-verse and his quotidian and lyrical imagination, full of rhymes and ever y-day matters. Colomo has become an even better composer, an even bet-ter tailor: he sows calmly, mildly; and you can no longer see the seams. The second time you listen to Sistema, something traps you, but you’restill not sure what it is. The third time –and all the uncountable timesafter- the songs start to fascinate you more and more, you start to dis-cover that the album, is actually a like a pearl necklace. Like a fishermansearching for oysters, you dive in and don’t take long to mar vel with eachone of those hidden pearls: beautiful marimbas (thanks to Marc Clos),per fect (the clear vocals by Inés), a declaration of existential doubts(“what am I doing here / I’m so false”), a delicious ode to avocados (!),songs that turn classic in a moment (‘Les Coses’, ‘Nucleo Duro’), disen-chanted verses (‘dreams unravel concerns’), humour (‘alarm, pleasedie’), or revolutionar y (‘Leave us alone / they can eat their laws’) and thensuddenly there’s a saxophone and a piano that amaze me (Adrià Bauzóand Guillem Caballero, respectively in ‘Cants de sirena’).Sistema is the reincarnation of all the contradictions that form part ofColomo’s musical soul: his dreamy and caustic pop, both naive and des-perate at the same time. Fourteen songs that join classicism with a dis-play of vocal resources: Colomo will not be quiet, he goes wherever thecreative process takes him –he will not enforce a style, he changes to giveeach song its best. The range is wide and some songs are even grandil-oquent, brushing AOR, while others are the minimum expression of folk.As we said at the beginning, what builds the songs, what keeps Sistemagoing throughout the album, is that constant, almost invisible, almostimpalpable, and what most artists wish for: unique voice of his own.


To Be Confirmed
David (Tule) Tauler