Familea Miranda

Ref: BC.284
Release date : 3 March, 2016
Format: LP, Digital

Most bands get together; do a few songs and then look for a label or a manager.They aim to be in a festival or two. Others tr y to make things happen in a com-pletely different way, they get involved with a community, with a common purpose.In Europe, we’ve been lucky to enjoy Sabot or The Ex (in the USA they would beFugazi) as the spiritual parents of a creative work ethic that has later given usbands like Shield Your Eyes, Pneu or Don Vito. Small anomalies in a histor y ofmajor names, but ver y important to us.Familea Miranda started in Chile (in 1999 they rose from the ashes of bands likeSupersordo, Políticos Muertos or Insurgentes), inspired ethically and aesthetical-ly by the bands mentioned before. A few years later, in 2007, they moved toBarcelona, until today. The trio’s biography is one that causes admiration andrespect: over six studio records, tours around Europe and South America (in Chilethey are always welcomed like true heroes, last year they toured the countr y per-forming seventeen concerts in thirty days), they have per formed with bands likeMan… or Astroman? No Means No, Sabot, The Ex… they are the type of band thathave grown with each concert, each rehearsal, proving it more and more eachtime you see them. Familea Miranda has passion, but they also work a lot (likewith Betunizer or Za!). Hundreds of kilometres with their van. Hundreds of hoursof rehearsal.Their new LP, “Radiopharm” has been recorded and mixed by the bass guitarist ofthe band, Milo Gomberoff, at the LPM Studios in Barcelona and mastered byNorman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering in Berlin. It’s the first album the band hasrecorded with their new drummer –the Catalan Alex Farré (ex member of the ver ymissed Parmesano). It seems, that after a few different drummers, FamileaMiranda have finally found one to stay. Its no surprise that “Radiopharm” confirms what we already knew, they still havethat post-hardcore beat, driven by lyrics that are not shy of social and emotionalcompromise. You can’t help thinking of Shellac, The Jesus Lizard or No Means No,or of dancing to their groove, squeezing your jaw, adding, subtracting, tar, asphalt.Special mention to the mad track “Guerra Nuclear”, a turnaround tribute to SunRa, with the collaboration of Papa Dupau and Spazzfrica Ehd form Za! Ondrej Jezek(from the Czech band OTK), Marco from Above the Tree, Jose Mascarpone fromBetunizer, Ubaldo, Abobinable and Marta Naudí doing vocals and Edu Circonite onthe guitar. Yet another step for ward for this small great band, a band made ofkr yptonite and fire.