Futuro Terror

Ref: BC.318
Release date : 23 August, 2017

While we were still enjoying the bands latest album “Su nombre real era otro” (BCore 2016), Futuro Terror, with workaholic discipline and punctuality, surprise us with a new album, “Precipicio”.

The Alicante born trio, far from self-complacency and automatic pilots, have decided to take a step forward in their career and grow. But do not fret; there is no creative fascination for current sounds or commercial styles. You will still find all the elements that make Futuro Terror’s songs recognizable: trade mark melodies, amphetamine-type short blasts (“Se encerró”, “Aburrimiento sin ti”), lyrics that sing of mystery, the unknown or the supernatural, and even a couple of trips down the soviet imaginary (“Aelita”, “El paso de Dyatlov” and “Eurasia ya no es nuestra”).

Precipicio keeps the bands well known and unstoppable choruses a constant, but on this occasion, the trio bet on more developed and risky drum rhythms, like in “Tumba de cristal”, on introspective and dark songs that somehow keep an inherent manifest against capitalism and post-modernity. The central theme, as always, is love and heartbreak, used as an excuse to add something familiar to a dystopian and disturbing landscape.

Futuro Terror have changed, even the artwork, created on this occasion by Maria Gea, is enigmatic and as sombre as ever, but they have changed in a Lampedusa style way, so that, in some way, everything stays the same. On the contrary of what they once sung, the future –at least the musical future- is no longer terrifying.

The track that closes the album, digs deep in to soviet references, the band threaten to return in a Ekranoplan to win back Eurasia, a song of revolutionary hope that repeats time and time again “You know what you have to do”. May each of you draw your own conclusions, they have already told us that whatever money they earn with this new album will be used to buy plutonium and uranium.

The album was recorded and mixed last march at Harri Sound, by Álex Román in Torrellano, Alicante. The master is by Martín Ballesta (Last Punch Mastering, Glasgow). All from their circle of friends, we must say though, that it is not friendship that made them work with these artists, but their faith in their work.


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