New religion for a teenage nation

Tokyo Sex Destruction

Ref: BC.290
Release date : 3 March, 2016
Format: Digital

Tokyo Sex Destruction are back with new songs after what was their most surprising album yet (Sagittarius, BCore 2013). Now, with a completely new formation that includes the likes of David T. Ginzo on the bass and Juan Diego Gosález on drums (both have played for artists like Anni B Sweet, Russian Red, Sidonie, Cristina Rosenvinge and Secret Society), and Xavier “Titi” Sola on guitar (Aina and XMilk).

The band has been touring Europe for the past three years and is now revisiting France to present “New religion for a teenage nation”. Recorded between Madrid and Barcelona; the band started working on the songs last autumn, but have taken until now due to the fact half of them live in one city and the other half in the other.

This new EP includes two brand new songs: “Ready or gone?” and “Dancing into my world”, just a glimpse of what will be coming this 2016. With artwork by Utah, (who designed the two previous albums), the tracks are a reflection of what the band sound like now due to their new formation and their live performances: raw, noisy, chaotic and punk.


To Be Confirmed
David (Tule) Tauler