Joan Aunión: vocals
Eric Altimis: Drumms
Jaume Orriols: Guitar
Sergi Bertran: Bass


Grabado en el Casal de Joves de Roquetes y en Tarragona. Masterizado por Adrià Bertran y Quim Mas.

Mínima Esperança


Ref: BC.210
Release date : 9 January, 2011
Format: LP, Digital

Col.lapse are a Hardcore band formed by members of the extinct Cinder and The Gundown, they started out around 2009 under the name of Decline, publishing a demo of 5 songs on CD-R. A little later, while still in the process of composing new songs, they decided to switch language and start singing in Catalan. Because of this, they also decided to change there them to Col.lapse. With clear influences from Dag Nasty and keeping others like Minor Threat and other Washington DC based bands, they publish their first LP, 11 songs of which 5 of the songs were on the demo they published as Decline and that were sung in catalan.