Artur Estrada- Voz y guitarra
Wences Aparicio- Bajo
Albert Guàrdia- Batería
Marc Clos- Percusiones


Producido por Santi Garcia en los estudios Ultramarinos Costa Brava de Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Los Días Señalados.

Nueva Vulcano

Ref: BC.149
Release date : 7 January, 2007
Format: Single, Digital


Sunlight is entering Nueva Vulcanos’ room. It’s flooding its corners with a light that had always been shy between the curtains, never trespassing them. A sense of intimacy, of spiritual reclusion that you could find in Artur Estrada’s lyrics, yet in Wences Aparicio’s closed bass notes and in Albert Guàrdia’s desperate drumming. This obscurantism appearing in their two albums – already classics dor many – “Principal primera” (2004) and “Juego entrópico” (2005), and in their vinyl singles released by independent french and spanish labels, seems to vanish for a moment in these two new wonderful tracks. It looks like their music took a shower, they combed their songs and put a delicate perfume on their instruments. As if it was a little rebirth, Nueva Vulcano give us the most fresh, direct, light and luminous songs that we’ve ever heard from them, and their cleverness, balance and serenity are contagious since the beginning.


La Castanya
Albert Guardia