Llarga Vida Al Tarannà

Power Burkas

Ref: BC.286
Release date : 3 March, 2016
Format: CD, LP, Digital

So, suddenly a new young band appears and ever ything we thought was solid andunmovable becomes a big pile of rubble. It’s that capacity to learn all the lessons,tear them apart and create something completely new, that only todays youthhave. Theirs is the spark; theirs is the rage and force. Punk is theirs. With ‘Llargavida al tarannà’, their first studio album, the ver y young Power Burkas instantlybecome the band we are talking about. Born in 2013, they released an EP, a demoand a cassette in less than two years; they will now publish their first LP, fifteentracks that will leave many speechless. Prodigal sons of Vic, Power Burkas haveno problem with drinking from many a fountain as long as they quench their thirst,from Fugazi to The Velvet Underground, from Minutemen to The Beatles, fromSonics to Jawbox and even vindicating the local bands they grew up with, ElsSur fing SIrles, Tröpical Ice Land or FP. That is how they achieve a mix of garage,80’s punk, power pop and post-hardcore and turn it into a new complex free andper fectly solid sound. No cut and paste, no imposture.The album starts with urgency in “Potser”, making it clear there will be no half-heartlessness, and is followed by a high level hymn called “Ja ens entenem’. Withjust two songs, they prove the album will be anything but predictable. The unex-pected changes in rhythm flow naturally and you continually feel that therestrained ner ve will explode into a melodic supernova at any moment. Just thathappens in “Ferralla”, where a hysteric chorus with loud vocals and visions ofraised fists breaks loose. Ever ything here is power and celebration (like the songthat gives the album its name), or tension and dynamite (the speedy “20”). PowerBurkas have an amazing capacity for knitting vocal melodies that are quite unusu-al in a guitar rock band (check out the beautiful “El pop I la gallega”, the dance-able “La mission de l’home és ser Patró” or the exciting “Aiguarràs”.“Llarga vida al tarannà” was recorded and mixed on low heat by Joan Peiron, gui-tarist and producer of FP. Together, he has managed to boost the bands naked yetimmersive sound, their ready guitars, their tremendously creative rhythmic sec-tion, their memorable bass lines and vocals, that lay comfortably among both theintimate parts and the mad ‘shouted’ ones. “Llarga vida al tarannà” is nopromise. It’s proof. Power Burkas will exceed all expectations.