Historia oral del punk en la ciudad de Barcelona 1979-1987

Harto de todo

Ref: BC.200
Release date : 3 January, 2011
Format: Libro

632 pages, gathering more then 500 images including photos, posters, flyers, etc. and collecting many of the conversations between the pioneers of the Barcelona punk movement. Unpublished material by Último Resorte, Frenopaticss, Attak, Shit S.A., Kangrena, Decibelios, Sentido Común, GRB, L’Odi Social, Subterranean Kids, Anti/Dogmatikss, Skatalà, HHH, Monstruación, Informe, Radio Pica, Kafe Volter, fanzines, newspaper cutouts, photos, concert tickets, discography, etc.