Fool the Wise

It's Not Not

Ref: BC.298
Release date : 11 Noviembre 2016
Format: LP, Digital

It’s Not Not are back 9 years after their album Bound For The Shine (2007) and it’s mostly thanks to the good people of Famèlic Records. The same youngsters that were influenced by the band when they started in 2004, urged them to return to the stage ten years later as guests of honour of the Festival Hoteler 2014, an event that until this year, took place in Vic. For the occasion, Raul (Tokyo Sex Destruction/Lost Tapes), Piti (Standstill /Catarata) and Joel (Dies Irae), recruited the great Eric Fuentes (The Unfinished Sympathy) to take Rubén Martínez’s place as guitar. You can imagine the result once these four rock artisans came together! After that concert (that gave the finishing touch to an important life cycle), everything let loose: more concerts, more rehearsals and a growing appetite for new songs that were carefully cooked the following summer at a masia in Anoia. The same songs then travelled around infinity of recording studios, until the triki trake
punk style that was so characteristic in their first three albums – Giving Everything (2004), No Time For Jokes (2005) and Bound For the Shine (2007)-, was turned in to something different; or maybe it was the same, but better, more flavourful.

They went from lo-fi to hi-fi for Fool The Wise (2016), a hegemonic piece that is reinforced thanks to the complicity between drums and base. The rhythmic base builds a devilled maelstrom, giving space for the vocals and guitar, both mutable and melodic, to dance, exchange roles and share the limelight. And the backing vocals! Just wait until you hear them live. For the lyrics, a few biblical signs are found in the songs (ex: “Resurrection”, “Psalm 69” or “Sacred Meal”), with the intention, as the title suggests, of fooling the great wise one, but mostly just to have a laugh at everything and everyone, like they have always done. This time, with their fine –and sometimes brute- sense of humour, they haven’t woven a giant joke, but a giant trap, for all of those that believe art is serious and dark. Don’t miss the deepness in this album and all of its different layers, behind its apparent festivity there are many shades.