El Yeti

The New Raemon

Ref: BC.283
Release date : 9 January, 2015
Format: LP, Digital

“I recover my breath the bad weather / we got over the end of the cycle”, sings RamónRodriguez en “Al margen”, one of the ten tracks included in “Oh, rompehielos” and, ashe mentions himself, “it marks the end of an era”. Referring of course not only to hisfirst album “A propósito de Gar funkel” (2008), but also to ‘L’Antartica”, Madee’s lastalbum, released in 2007. Y also speaks of the beginning of something new, “to be ableto let go and start again, like an icebreaker that opens a path by bursting through allthat stands in the way of destiny”. It’s not strange that, further than the clearlymetaphoric opposition between the two titles we have just mentioned, Ramón is alsoinspired by the mythology in adventure novels as we can see when he speaks of some-thing romantic or a relationship… a classic adventure of a person lost in the Artic, thatfinally finishes his journey free of charge, on a beach, on a warm summer night, andthat includes references of the Yeti, the Queen of the Amazon or a chimera that couldeasily be the one about the gold Charles Chaplin was after.The New Raemon’s fifth album arrives after two liberating albums, the self-explorator y“Libre asociación” (2011) and specially, “Tinieblas, por fin” (2012), an album thatmarked a twist in the artists career, for the first time he spoke openly and with disgustabout the social-political situation, and on the other hand he released the album withMarxophone. “Oh, rompehielos”, as part of the before mentioned ‘end of cycle’, alsomeans his return to BCore, his label from the start and with whom Ramón has pub-lished ten albums if we include all his different projects. And here, just like in “Apropósito de Gar funkel’ (still one a fan favourite) he seems to look towards the interi-or again, into the world of interpersonal relationships, but in a harsh tone and disen-chantment in his gaze. There are positive portraits, that’s true: Those announced in“Reina de amazonas”, “Oh, Rompehielos” or “Moneypenny”, but there’s an all aroundlandscape of violent images and bitter reality like in “Desencuentros” or “Los hechos”,an all but complacent song about outside views and gossip.There are tracks with the potential of turning in to new emotional hits for the audience(“El Yeti”, for example, has the clear character of a torch song thanks to that ‘Es mejorno volver a verse’ –it’s better we stop seeing each other- that we can all see ourselvessinging to at the top of our lungs at one of his concerts), but, the truth is, there arenot that many clear chorus lines or easy concessions. Gruff half tempos and a newpureness that Ramón has tried to keep by self-producing the album stands out. ‘With‘Oh, Rompehielos’ I wanted to make things a bit more marked, by using a more tribaltype drum sound, using cheap amplifiers, recording guitars on the terrace and thevocals in my living room, with the heater turned on… the idea was to conser ve theambience created in the demo, which is why I decided to produce the album alone,change the studio and engineer. 50% of the album was already done before we wentin the studio, the demos had a truth to them that was important to keep’.As well as his three usual musicians (Marc Prats on the keyboards, Pablo Garrido onthe electric guitar and Marc Clos as a multi-instrumentalist), Ramón also now countson Salvador D’Horta on the drums and Javi Vega (Maga, Sr.Chinarro) with his bass, tocomplete this new adventure. Good luck with that.