Cornellà, Ciutat d’Afrika


Ref: BC.341LP
Release date : 7 December, 2018
Format: LP

“Al Baix Llobregat N’hi Ha una Ciutat que es diu… Cornellá, Ciutat de Áfrika” said the front cover designed by cartoonist Carlos Azagra for Monstruacion’s first demo. And in fact, like they sang in “Korneyá”, a ssoing with an intro inspired in The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun”, Baix Llobregat was their home town, “where the suburbian punk and emigrant worker live”. They were besides, for instance H.H.H. or Pisando Fuerte, one of the Catalan punk groups in the 80s coming from, not Ciudad Condal’s heart, but its outskirts, also the habitat, on the other hand where La Banda Trapera del Río, pioneers with their urban rock of the proto-punk seed of the explosion coming afterwards, came from.
According to the information from the inside sheet, they recorded on January 5th and 20th 1987 at the Maratón Studios in Barcelona, but they told Jordi Llansamà for his Harto de Todo. Historia Oral del punk en la ciudad de Barcelona 1979-1987 (BCore, 2011) that everythoings was ready in only just one day: recording of the instrument in one morning before lunch and chorus and mixing in the afternoon.
They blamed their relationship with Anti/Dogmatikss for the faster speed than usual in the recording, but they remarked that their style was, at least at the beginning, pure acceleration more than hardcore. And perhaps they were right, because their Cornellá, Ciutat de Áfrika (1987) included some ska, raw punk and even some epic melody like those guitars in “A muerte”.
“There are no more punks in the streets, fascists have won” they mourned in “Escabechina”. They do not deny a political signature in their lyrics: To finish with the feudal state structure, the Church, capital and bourgeoisie from the streets and pubs; death for the master and freedom for the worker… but over all a clear conscience that, against the abandon State and institutions inflict to the citizen by the State and institutions, union for defence is the only way,
A work with nothing to waste for fans of these sounds.