Joel: voz
Ruben: guitarra
Raul: bajo y voz
Piti: batería


Grabado por Jordi Colomer en los estudios Infusiones Musicales de Masnou.
Mezclado y Masterizado por Santi Garcia en Ultramarinos Costa Brava.

Bound For The Shine

It's Not Not

Ref: BC.151
Release date : 10 January, 2007
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Album after album It’s Not Not have proven themselves to be one of the most interesting bands of spanish independent scene. Always mantaining an inconformist, rageful attitude, punk for some, avangardist for others, with every record they’ve made a step fprward into technical complexity and creative hyperactivity. While some may consider punk means a simplist approach to music, where protest means most of the time lack of ideas, and others think it’s all about a revivalist fashion made by chesy synths and lo-fi beats, It’s Not Not believe it’s a compromise with the politically incorrect, even for punk itself. They’re never predictable, never academic, never too tough or trendy, probably because they walk one step further than the rest. Their debut, “Giving everything” (BCore/Defiance, 2004) and its follow-up “No time for jokes” (BCore/Defiance, 2005), have been climbing up in our particular ranking of classic albums. Their wonderful songs seem to hide in an apparent chaos that only dissipates after a couple or three listenings, when your ear adapts to their complexity of rythms, structures and harmonies. Probably none of their “hits” will be found in the iPod of teenagers who believe, as MTV has taught them, that punk means skateboard and Calvin Klein pants shown over their jeans. But for those who shave their moustache since a long ago it’s a pleasure re-discovering how can you play without rules, without patterns and without trendy clothes. Joel (singer, showman and nightbird), Ruben (guitar and master of arrangements, wires and tunings), Raul (bass player and, in this album more than ever, second singer) and Piti (drummer and absolute marching engine, always heart in hand), are nowadays the most authentic truth of a punk scene that has grown poor here and there by commercial recycling and illustrated idiotism. Their background: hardcore (as they show with some nostalgia in “Fuckin’ bullshit”), but also vintage-pop (like in “Pills and coffees”). Not in vain Raul and Ruben also play in Tokyo Sex Destruction, Piti in Standstill and Joel in the deceased Dies Irae. But far beyond backgounds, what these four guys have in common is their love for music, wherever it comes from, old or modern, aggressive or relaxing. And when that’s the starting point, you can only make such interesting, rich, rageful, sensitive, fun and shining records as this one.