Alma y pisotón

Los Retrovisores

Ref: BC.249
Release date : 9 January, 2013
Format: Single, Digital


Young, good looking and well dressed. Tibor Fischer once said “God bless a well dressed man”. Vespas, parkers and one foot side burns. Vitalized attitude, respect for the roots and adoration for the black gods of music. All these references are labels that could easily dress Los Retrovisores. A sixties aroma, that could knock you out like Floïd aftershave lotion. Something with character and personality. A true sixties concept we have to say, because words now a days have to be used with a certain tact, an adjective stuck to any manifestation that smells of Yé Yé or old moth balls. But none of that, here we can find reverence and honour. They search in the past for original sounds, drink from what we already know and admire, generate their own sonority, something identifiable. Something that feels good and sounds great.

Los Retrovisores publish this first EP “Alma y Pisotón” as a first reference with the Barcelonan label BCore. After their first and only LP, “La nostalgia ya no es lo que era”, the Catalan band are recovering their drive.

The band’s been fluttering their sounds around since 2002, back then known as The Cutties. They generated a good impact here and internationally, playing in festivals like Essex Ska Festival or The Cooperate in Plymouth, UK. In 2006 they changed their name to Los Retrovisores after a small change in the band.
Since then they’ve been serving the likes of soul, deep beat and luminous pop. String sections, wind and Hammonds. Iberian Mod that follows the tradition after bands like Los Salvajes, Los Bravos, Bruno Lomas or Los Canarios.

“Alma y Pisotón” reduced to four songs where you can visualize all of Los Retrovisores references and sound patterns. Iberian soul and attitude on stage. Wind arrangements, bass, black patterns, drums and groovy Hammonds, and most of all, guitars with loads of fuzz. Pure sounds and songs that talk of broken hearts and juvenile hedonism. Elevation, elegance and enthusiasm, what would the grand Casavella say? Yé Yé feelings, northern soul steps and a great aesthetic ethic.
In short, a band capable of producing our next generational hymn.


To Be Confirmed
David (Tule) Tauler