Jordi: voz y bajo
Lluis: guitarra
Juan: batería


Producido por Xavi Navarro en los estudios Locate 0, Barcelona

A Beat Back The Silence


Ref: BC.093
Release date : 10 January, 2002
Format: CD, Digital

In their debut album “A beat back the silence”, Get Real doesn’t look for speed or sing-along melodies. They are harsh, dense, powerful, greasy and dark, between the overdriven rock by Rocket From The Crypt or Mötörhead and the modern hardcore by Refused, Abhinanda, Nine or Planes Mistaken for Stars. A calculated production by Xavi Navarro (Favez, One Man And His Droid, No More Lies, The Unfinished Sympathy) finds the perfect balance between aggression and ellegance, making this record one of the most powerful from these last years BCore catalog.