The New Raemon

Ramón Rodríguez cannot stop. From 2002 he has been offering exceptional songs with his band Madee and has published seven albums albums to this day (without including joint albums with artists like Francisco Nixon, Ricardo Vicente or Maria Rodés) and a number of singles under his alter ego The New Raemon. He formed part of the Dance Company La Intrusa (directed by Damián Muñoz and Virginia García) in 2007 as a musician. And not to mention the fact that he directs his own label Cydonia Records since 2002. como músico. Y eso sin mencionar que dirige el sello Cydonia Records desde 2002. With unique lyrics where irony meets with his genuine melancholy. Textures and atmospheres that lift Ramóns’ best feature: his voice (and, even though that’s more of a secret, his sense of humour). The man that sings sadly to the world is truly a wise man that knows how to laugh at the world and himself.