One year ago we realised with the compilation “Cómete Madrid” (BCore, 05) that Spain’s capital was living an extraordinary moment of creativity in the punk-hardcore scene. Amongst remarkable names such as Doss, Ginferno, The Joe-K Plan or Ainara Legardon, Numero appeared with a sound traditionally related to BCore for its post-hardcore influences like Engine Down or SDRE emocore whilst Helmet or Tool rudeness. Formed in 2002, their debut demo CD in 2004 made them win the Demoscopia contest brought every year by the main spanish indie newspaper Mondo Sonoro in 2005. With this moral injection and everyday more audience they get into Ultramarinos Costa Brava Studios (Tokyo Sex Destruction, Standstill, Delorean) to give shape to their debut LP “Pygmalion”, with Santi Garcia and Xavi Navarro behind the mixing desk. Excellent representatives of the new generation of spanish post hardcore bands after Standstill, A Room With A View, Lisabö or Maine, with outstanding technical skills and sensitive poethic resources, heir of american post-grunge, puts them next to other coethaneous outfits like Persona, Arkanoid or Raydibaum. Their cerebrally-structured sound though passionate, along with their “indie” freshness, combining the instrumental precision of post-rock with grave, deep vocals make their 10 tracks an excellent debut album, held by a large live experience and a serious way to work hard.