Nueva Vulcano

After the campaign for their acclaimed ‘Los peces de colores’ (BCore, 2009), Nueva Vulcano were on the verge of separating due to important life changes and a long absence, something must have crossed their mind to finally take them to restart a career that not even they would bet on. Maybe because they are three men that do not know how to sit back or just take the back door; maybe because Wences Aparicio (from Shanty Rd.) has been composing and decomposing unusual musical structures since the nineties, and he wasn’t going to stop now; maybe because after invented half the sound of Barcelona city, Artur Estrada (from Aina) wouldn’t know how to sit on a sofa, with a pipe and a pair of slippers, missing old times; or maybe because there is no force of nature capable of stopping Albert Guardias’ (from La Castanya) feet, arms, ears or tongue.

What happened is that this period of inactivity helped them to reach the conclusion that they mean more to themselves than they thought, that, through all these years they had actually built a small universe full of crucial characters, unique moments, of all types of experiences and endless apprenticeship. And that, most of all, they are proud of all they have done and want to shout it from the rooftops, in a brave, calm, enthusiastic and firm way. They want us to know who they are, where they live, why they do what they do and why they want you to join them on their adventure. With hints of Jawbreaker or Green Day (the outstanding debut single we have been hearing these days, Pop y Espiritualidad), of Seam, Superchunk and Jawbox, the dark rockers Unwound or Jesus Lizard or even The Van Pelt and Chris Leo in the unheard and applauded vocal reinvention of Artur in “Hemos hecho cosas”. There’s also allusions of a gallery of characters that go from privacy and anonymity to an almost heroic status thanks to the lyrics and stories told, and finally, the conjunction of the usual collaborators, friends that the band have given total creative freedom so they can provide them of their knowledge and savoir faire in each of their respective areas: Alberto Polo at the photography, Joan Guárdia with the design, Jordi Castells with the video and, of course, Santi Garcia as producer (this time at the Masía Cal Pau and in record time, just four days and live). Novelería is a self-referential and self-assertive album that happily coincides with BCore Discs’ 25th anniversary.