Banyoles is a little town somewhere between Barcelona and France, known worldwide by its bucolic lake and that, in the last decades, has given locally renouned indie bands like Kitsch and Fang. But, for hardcore fans, Banyoles is the nest of one of the most interesting acts in the eighties and early nineties: HHH.
3 old friends, Alex, Marc and Koki decided one day to start up a music band. They wanted to emulate the bands that they had known through the little fanzine they owned. And they did it in the most naif and humble way that a band can start: with a drum kit made by oil cans and soap pots, without bass guitar and with only two strings in each of their two guitars, to make things easier… For many, the landmark of true punk-rock. Little by little they improved their equipment, and recorded a demotape called “Sin identidad!” in 1985, and a year later their first vinyl single called “Intelectual punks”. A shame for their homeland, no spanish label wanted it to be released, so that was the little german label Dissonance who dared to to what nobody here did. A failed attempt to put out a whole LP, recorded but never released, probably pushed them into the need of fresh air. By the time, their scandinavian-hardcore influenced songs absorved the influence of thrash metal, and that forced them to create a new band, a new identity with exactly the same three members, called Overthhhrow, as they never wanted to mix styles that much in a single project. Overthhhrow occupied them for a time; same people, different style, not that close to old-school hardcore and much more closer to late eighties thrash-core, probably the first attempt to fill the gap between two worlds apart until then: hardcore and metal.
The experience with Overthhhrow made their homecoming to HHH in 1990 a much more serious musical approach, finding a hardcore musical scene much more mature and consolidated. In that moment they finally could record a whole LP, and there were labels which had rose during that period and which were into hardcore, like the guys at Potencial HC, who released “A por ellos”, their masterpiece for many. It was quickly followed by a split EP with Vitu’s Dance in 1991, but the rest of the story is quite short. They did their last gig in 1993 in Barcelona with 24 ideas, and split to dedicate their lives to other issues, like cooking, teaching… But even nowadays, 15 years after their dissolution, they still feel absolutely into hardcore ideals like before, so watch out…