They started in 1984, following some seminal spanish punk bands like Ultimo Resorte, Frenopaticss and Drama del Horror, and they quickly showed their differences with other bands of their generation. Not only they played as fast and aggressive as the others, but they improved the complexity of music and, very specially, the philosophical-literary value of their lyrics, far from the typical political slogans of the other punk bands, but far more introspective and humanistic. They would live intensely all the events (concerts, squatting, festivals, appearances in fanzines, etc.), becoming one of the most renowned bands of the scene. When Maximum Rock ‘n Roll featured an excelent review of their debut tape, they began to enjoy some international success at the same time and sell their tapes worlwide. Italy would be the main country where they would play some shows and also press their first vinyl single, creating a lot of strong personal links with the italian hardcore scene. Also a lot of live activity in Spain, with bands like Kangrena, Frites Modern, Negazione, Ludwig Von 88, Eskorbuto or Lärm caught the attention of American bookers who tried to bring them to the USA, though budget finally didn’t allow the experience. Anyway, Jello Biafra or MDC’s singer Dave Dictor confessed their admiration for the band. In 1989 they split-up, after the release of their only LP, “Cuentos y leyendas”.

Their discography consists of this LP and only two more releases: their first cassette tape, “GRB” (Dama del Horror, 1985) and their vinyl EP “¡Estoy tan contento!” (self-released, 1986). These two releases are the ones that you will find in this vinyl LP, as the tape was never released on vinyl and only 1000 copies were pressed of the EP, what makes it obviously impossible to find. As BCore has been doing with bands  like HHH, Kangrena, Shit SA or L’Odi Social amongst ohers, it’s a pleasure and a honour for us to contribute somehow to the memory of these influential punk-hardcore bands.