Fanny Roz

“Prend son Souffle et Saute” is a journey through Fanny Roz’s life. A life full of chapters, full of stories and tales with references like “Le Fil” by Camille, “Living Room” by París Combos or “Waving and Smile by Ange Garbarek. The songs dance between jazz and chanson with an unconscious and beautiful naturalness that invites us to landscapes only Fanny has been to.

Chapter I / Childhood in country:

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Fanny Roz, she had been raised between tree houses, snail races and giant meadows. Every night she would fall asleep to the sounds of the Basque and classical melodies that her parents sung, and every day she would treasure every essence, every smell and all the world’s landscapes because she knew that one day she would turn them into the songs of her life.
One fine day, when she was six years old, she casually stroked some piano keys, she let her voice settle on the chords and she listened to what she knew had always been inside her. She knew, from that moment, there was no turning back.

Chapter II / Toulouse:
A few years went by until Fanny discovered jazz music, as soon as she became an adult she started living her first experiences with this style, in the city of Toulouse. While the sun was shining Fanny enjoyed her musicology studies at university and she worked as an actress and music accompanist so she could feed her need to be on stage, but as soon as the sun went down and the smoke leaked through the noisy bars of the French nightlife, Fanny would come out and search for stories.

Chapter III / Her trip to Chile and a whole new start in Barcelona:
Her next adventure took her to Chile; she fell in love with the desert, the beaches of Cachagua and with one, or a few, Chileans, but most of all (and we give thanks to that), she fell in love with the Spanish language. This love brought her to Barcelona, where she studied singing, composition and piano, she also experimented with different sounds and bands, meeting people like Carola Ortiz, Andreu Monclús or María Rodés. With Rodés she started her first tours and got to know the peculiar world of the singer song writers in Spain, driving her to start her first particular tour round bars, theatres and clubs under the magical name of “The musical journey of Fanny Roz”.

Chapter IV / Breath in and jump:
As we speak, Fanny Roz is 26 years old. Her life journey has bought her here, to a new adventure backed by her musical friends, poets and dreamers of all nationalities. A story called “Prend son Souffle et Saute” that will be published this 2012 through BCore. And where you’ll be able to smell and breath all those essences bought together with just one click of a button.