The walls of the city keep you jailed. And, if you can’t buy a car to clear off, you have to look for a window and build a world inside your room that is worth living. And a guitar, a microphone and a computer become a good investment. If in addition you are lucky, cause the music flows constantly in your hands, in your brain and in your throat, and you have learnt to give it form with your tools, it is possible that buying a computer, a microphone and a guitar become the best investment of your life. Elvira, after years in the front with Standstill, and others with It’s Not Not, has successfully spent his savings in all this material. Because now his accomplishment as musician is practically total. Just because he continues being Standstill’s heart and It’s Not Not’s engine, and now he also is Elvira’s brain. Cause he is the only one who knows where every drum beat is, and where every note belongs, because he did everything by himself, from drums to voices, keyboards, bass, percussions and other different instruments. And so all his sensibility can shine in a unique and strictly personal way.

Following the steps of artists like Akron family, the label Anticon and their creative freedom, printing the personality of Standstill’s guitar trademark that he created, combining landscapes of ethereal atmosphere with hip-hop bases, bright acoustic guitars and all kinds of percussions, Elvira builds his musical universe through a self-production that features his bandmate in Standstill, Ricky Lavado, on some drums, or Marco Fonktana (MC of Aerolíneas Subterraneas). With Víctor Valiente (also in Standstill) helping in the mix, Elvira has put the first grain of sand of a castle that we hope keeps on growing.