Eh! continue down the path of sound exploration with their third album, keeping the idea of their previous albums ’36 de 48’ (BCore, 2009) and ‘La fase del Sueño Intratable’ (BCore, 2011) and taking their peculiar fusion of punk rock, soundtrack and off jazz to new territories. The sound imaginary of Eh! (John Zorn, Tortoise, Ennio Morricone, JG Thirwell, Les Baxter, Aloha…) has nurtured itself these last years with new shades that go from Morphine to Black Heart Procession, from Motorpsycho to Thee Silver Mt. Zion and from a more electric Miles Davis or the rockier Herbie Hancock to the orchestrated beauty of Sufjan Stevens. This whirlwind of influences has crystallized into one: ‘El Sobresalto Alpha’, more organic and alive, less mysterious loops than the previous albums, but with the same textures. Ten songs that Eh! have composed slowly, weaving each of their parts almost by hand, breaking free from ties to give more importance to the band’s essence giving more space to improvisation. Somebody once said that Eh! are ‘the soundtrack of a film that doesn’t exist’. The film still doesn’t exist, but could now for sure be any B series from the ’70.

Since their start up in 2009, Eh! have played in festivals like San Feliu fest 2009, BAM 2010, Ferrara Fest 2010, Cubo 2011, Los Conciertos Sublimes del Teatro Lara (2011), Primavera Sound 2012, Fira de Vilaseca 2012, Vitoria Jazz Zaharrean 2012 or LEM-Gràcia Territori Sonor 2012 and have toured all over Spain.