Crim have an important and difficult challenge after publishing in 2014, the best punk rock album in the country, well, the country and part of the world. A solid and round album from starT to end, full of generational hymns and intelligent lyrics that we have all learnt of by heart so we can sing at their concerts, excited and satisfied, with our fists in the air. It seemed impossible to create another album at the same level, but the bastards have done it.  The new LP by these Tarragona born artists is a clear example of what a PUNK ROCK (yes, in capital letters) band should sound like. Solid and concise guitars, husky vocals, clear and arrogant, a powerful rhythmic section that makes the sound trap and drown you in a sea of sounds that will, evidently, take you to the feet and physical brutality of punk rock’s most sacred monsters. It’s like a perfect cocktail mix of the sing-along hymns of the first Cock Sparrer, the paraphrases of the gran Leatherface and the harmonies of Social Distortions best songs.