Cala Vento

Sometimes, a band’s story can be extraordinarily simple. Cala Vento was chosen for an apprenticeship stage for young bands. Music professionals were selected to share their knowledge and experiences with them as to improve their outreach. One of these pros, Eric Fuentes, was deeply impressed by their talent and offered to produce the band’s debut album. Now the album is a reality and has reached BCore, who together with Hang The Dj Records, has decided to get the project as far out there as they possibly can.

Meanwhile, Aleix and Joan, two friends from Figueres and Torroella that share a passion for duos that use a guitar and drums as the minimum unit a rock band can use, and who both confess to having listened to BCore’s catalogue quite a few times, quickly turn into one of the most intense live acts in the Spanish underground movement. Their songs, true as few others, with brilliant lyrics and an outstanding dramatic pulse, captures the listener’s attention from the first moment, with quality details in every corner (the excellent work on the lower frequencies makes sure you don’t miss the bass), overflowing sensibility and that youthful energy that makes rock music such a special and necessary genre. Comparable to Japandroids or L’Hereu Escampa for their formation, or even to the speedy side of Los Planetas or the more melodic Nueva Vulcano, they have definitely found that magic formula that makes a band interesting album wise, with their ingenious lyrics, rich details and capacity to express, as live, with their solidness and spontaneity, already proved thanks to their recent concerts at Primavera Club and SXSW festival in Austin, TX