Brighton 64

Mod…modern…modernista! Here they are just being themselves, running from themselves, finding themselves. Like always. Like in every album since the first day they started. Here is Brighton 64, and this will not be the last chapter, it can’t be, we won’t let it be. Lets rebel, for once, against the hysteric romantic stigma. There are stories that deserve to last until a two-ton truck runs them over. For many, Brighton 64 for is that story.

Rodrigo Fresán wrote a brilliant article just a few months ago, he said that The Beatles, among other things, invented ‘separation’ and that the Stones, who he thinks are mediocre copiers, only had the option to ‘not separate’. Erm… is there not something in-between? Is there nothing between aborting a long-term project and dragging the bottom of your retired person tracksuit? Can you not just get together again when you feel like playing the songs you love, with the people you love, for people that love hearing them? And, if you still have the talent and skill, open your guitar case and compose new tunes, with honesty and vehemence, claiming the day and the present without renouncing having to pick up the kids from school or accepting that you lost your fridge but that you never failed a friend. So, out the way you fool, let the music blare.

Modernista is an album written from Monday to Tuesday. The only change in the band (Ricky, Albert and Jordi) is the original member Tino Peralbo for Eric Herrera, drummer of Dr.Calypso, Renaldo & Clara or Conjunt Badabadoc. Apart from the song that gives the album its title (from 1984) and ‘El Regreso’, gloriously recovered from Los Canguros’ repertoire, all the songs are new. Wind section in four tracks, chords that go from jumping to that uncertain B64 melancholy, Rickey defended track by track with the vocals of a friend you recognize, and the rest of the band putting together one hell of an album. My favourite album, after my second favourite “Esta vez va enserio” (I love that title!). Released by BCore Disc and recorded and produced by Santi García at the Estudios Ultramarino Costa Brava. Your gonna love this album, at least twice, let me explain. First you listen to it knowing its Brighton 64 and you adore it. Then you listen to it again as if it was a brand new band and you again adore them. There are more posibilites of course, and all of them will be just as adored. “Caminos por recorrer”, “Som indomables”, “Tot s’hi val”, “Los puntos sobre las íes” or “El syndrome de Rebeca”… mod, modern, modernista!

One last thing, Albert Gil called me the other day and asked to meet. He showed me the instrumentals of “Modernista” and asked if I would like to ad lyrics to one of the songs. I took them home and then asked him if I could do the lyrics for all of them. Albert said: Growing up is about choosing son. So I chose one. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to him. I’m telling you know because I have a feeling one day they will blackmail me with the recording of my little green elf voice.

Modernista, Brighton 64’s last album before the next one. Now, that’s enough rubbish, but please, be careful with the two-ton trucks.