When Anímic started many insisted in comparing their music to a story with a happy ending where vivid colours flowed with eternal rainbows and where nature was celebrated like the missed Lost Paradise. There was a bit of truth in this type of appreciations, but we have to admit that under Anímics songs there was always a shadow beating, like a second skin that, from the depths, called for an attention that not everyone was ready to provide. Everything changed with “Hannah”, an album where the shadow extended itself towards their first skin like a pandemic observed with a camera in slow motion, revealing unprecedented patterns of an unusual beauty, that’s when Anímic seemed to start to whisper into our self-induced sleep to let us know this story wasn’t going to have a happy ending.  Anímic have always shown they are capable of making dualities live in a same, almost mythical, fully atavistic space

Anímic have published five albums, collaborated and toured with the great Will Johnson (Centromatic) and have opened up concerts for bands like Portishead, These New Puritans, Clem Snide or Megafaun. Their albums ‘Hannah’ and ‘Hannibal’ positioned them at the top of nearly every the ‘Best of the Year’ list and in 2014 they were awarded the prestigious Premi Altaveu Award. Four years later they are back, stronger than ever with a new album due this 2017. An album where lyrics and electronica take full meaning.