24 Ideas

If we could draw a chronological line in the Barcelona hardcore scene, 24 ideas would be in an outstanding position between Subterranean Kids and Xmilk. “Pure” hardcore bands, old school fashion, that could achieve a huge reputation between hardcore fans of half Europe. Moreover, 24 ideas had another special repercussion on the hardcore scene, being Jordi Llansamà, bass player, aslso owner of label BCore Disc. 24 ideas was born when BCore had already become a reference and even published its first international releases. At the time, early 1992, the band put hands to work and had its debut in june. The demo “24 ideas” (BC.10) showed through its 20 songs their love for early eighties american hardcore, and soon the 7-inch “Sick of banality” (BC.15) would keep on spitting hardcore bursts as Agnostic Front or Poison Idea. Their debut album curiously wasn’t released by BCore but by german label Amok. Some songs recorded live at the “Invasion of the hardcore crew” festival in Barcelona would be included in the vinyl album named as the festival (BC.20). The band would split up in june 1994, and their members would formerly form such acclaimed hardcore bands like Painbox, Sowplot, Aim, Unabomber, Schedule, etc. Three years after their split-up BCore would release a self-titled posthumous 7-inch (BC.50) with unreleased songs, live recordings and covers of 7 seconds, Negative Approach and Youth of today. And in 2000 a CD named “Discografía completa” (BC.75) would gather together every single recording before mentioned. Six releases in all formats, more than thiry concerts around Spain with legendary bands like NOFX, early Offspring or Subterranean Kids and, amongst all, a legacy for a number of bands directly influenced by 24 ideas and many other indirectly via BCore.