CAPSULA 'In The Land Of Silver Souls (Colour Vinyl)'



1. Wild Fascination

2. Let's Run Far Away

3. Town of Sorrow

4. Hit 'n' Mis

5. Into my Skull

6. A Night in the Ocean

7. Under the Woods

8. In the Land of Silver Souls

9. Dreaming in Black and Blue

10. What's in the Mirror

11. Communication

12. The King of the Rain

13. Holding a Knife

14. Re-Death

Martín Guevara: Guitar and Vocals

Coni Duchess: Bass and Vocals

Ignacio Villarejo: Batería y Percusión

Recorded by Santi Garcia at Ultramarinos Costabrava (Sant Feliu de Guíxols) and Martin L. Guevara at Silver Sounds Studios (Bilbao). Mixed & Produced by John Agnello at Headgear Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by John Golden at Golden Studios, Ventura, CA.

Since forming in 1997, Capsula have been on a mission to secure their position as one of the best live bands of our generation, crossing the globe and generating worldwide acclaim. The band are based out of Bilbao, Basque Country, just north of Spain, though the hard touring trio are rarely home. Creating a whirlwind of psychedelic wonder and punk rock fury, their music roars with a combination of garage rock toughness and modern style that have earned the band comparisons from The Stooges and The Pixies to Sonic Youth and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. In 2009, the band released Rising Mountains on the celebrated Spanish indie label BCore Disc to rave reviews and a #1 chart position, earning the band invitations to SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Filter Magazine\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Culture Collide Festival as well as a massive worldwide tour. Witnessing Capsula live is an experience not easily forgotten, as they tear though blistering washes of guitar and pounding rhythms delivered with the true essence of punk rock attitude, garnering a great deal of acclaim from Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune among others. The trio has returned in 2011 with their latest sonic masterpiece In The Land of Silver Souls, set for release on March 7th in Spain and Europe. Following the release the band will return for a third time to SXSW in Austin, TX (March 16-20) where the band will undoubtedly kick up a noisy ruckus to everyone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s delight.

In The Land of Silver Souls expands on the sounds explored on Rising Mountains, pushing the experience further into psychedelic territory while retaining the band\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s signature attitude and charm. The duel male/female vocal approach from Martin Guevara (vocals/guitars) and Coni (vocals/bass) is mesmerizing when harmonizing and equally captivating solo. Their sneering rock and roll attitude may suggest they don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t care if you like their music or not, but after one listen to In The Land of Silver Souls, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s going to be hard not to. Deep grooving rhythms and wailing guitars are ever present as the band shift between blazing riffs, spacey exploration, shimmering walls of sound, and thick catchy vocal melodies for an album that is sure to make noise in 2011.


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